Should I wait to file Disability?

Many people who are unable to work wait for months or even years before they file for disability. The most common reason is the public perception of those on disability. Many people like to talk about others they know who are on disability and perfectly healthy. The Social Security system is specifically designed to weed out those who are able to work and only allow people who truly have no alternatives to get benefits. While there is a miniscule amount of claimants who may fall through the cracks, the ongoing review process of Social Security identifies these people and will cut off their benefits. However tiny the number of people may be who slip through the system, the media attention given to them decades ago is believed to be an ongoing issue of epic scale.

The reality is, nearly everyone who comes to me asking about the process says, “I want to work. I’ve been trying to work. But I cannot manage to get hired or keep a job due to my medical issues.” People largely fall into two categories: 1) they have worked the same job for 20+ years and suddenly have to stop, or 2) they have worked for dozens of employers, often through staffing agencies, with most employment lasting only a few weeks due to their medical issues.

It is important to note that the disability process can take over a year to get an award, if you have to go to a hearing. While the Administration has made tremendous progress in reducing the wait times, this is still a very long time to go without having any income. The sooner you get started, the better. But only you know when your situation has hit the point where you know you have no other options. If the time has come, call us today. We can help.